New York can still be magical for me

I moved away from New York two decades ago for a life I enjoy a lot in San Francisco, but tonight we had one of those magical nights which you can only get in a city like New York.

The center of our evening was seeing South Pacific at Lincoln Center. It’s a great production of one of the great musicals. I’d never seen South Pacific before and I was surprised at how uncliched it was. While some of the story didn’t seem particular fresh and it couldn’t be controversial in the way it was in 1949, thanks to progress in society, I think they found something deeper in this production than I would have expected. Despite the disappointment of seeing an understudy for Kelli O’Hara, all the performances were great. It’s the type of show which reminds you how powerful live theater can be.

Then, walking home, we were surprised by beautiful fireworks in Central Park, courtesy of the New York Philharmonic. There’s nothing quite like walking along and seeing the sky light up like that.

These both followed doing some things with the kids and just being out and around the city. The day wasn’t too hot and humid, unlike a few recent ones. All in all, what one wants in a city vacation. I love living in San Francisco, but still miss New York when I’m not here; tonight reminded me of why.